This page gives you access to my 3D software for Microsoft Windows (32 & 64-bit). It's now Donationware, meaning that it is offered to the public for free, along with requests for optional donations.

Some of these 3D programs such as SUBSTANCE 3D or EMULSION Photorealistic Rendering Studio offer state-of-the-art features. They were sold during my previous technological project NEUROSYSTEMS which has now become an inactive corporation. Other programs are rather personnal or experimental tools I had to develop for more specific purposes.

These programs are provided "as is" in their own package. I don't have time to offer any technical support anymore. However, depending on the donations received, I won't exclude doing some updates so they can continue to improve over time.

(with Augmented Reality)
v1.1 (2012)
For Microsoft Windows 32/64-bit
Click to go to EMULSION
Real-time photorealistic rendering studio v1.1.0 (2012)
For Microsoft Windows 64-bit

For Microsoft Windows 32-bit