Deus Ex Silicium's lab is where all videos are shot and produced.

There is quite a lot of measuring instruments and miscellaneous devices, including a mini homemade supercomputer (32 GPUs and around 90Tflops of computing power), and a powerfull high magnification Bresser special reflected light microscope, very helpful to shoot integrated circuit dies.

I use measuring instruments and devices from Tektronix, Agilent, Rohde & Schwartz, Anritsu, Rigol, Fluke, Flir, HP, Hantek, Owon, Atten, Philips, Voltcraft. Regarding computers and computer spares, I choose Intel, AMD, NVidia, Asus, Apple and Dell.
Photos above have been taken last January 2015.

Overview (Supercomputer / Measurement bench / Work bench).

Closeup of the measurement bench.

Closeup of the work bench with tools for teardown/extraction/cutting/reheating/drilling/cleaning.

Optics (Scientific microscope, stereo inspection microscope) et misc cameras (thermal imaging / endoscopic) in their briefcases.

Supercomputer (90 Teraflops / 32 GPUs).

Supercomputer console.

(chlorydric acid 23%, sulfuric acid 96%, sulfuric acid 98% + but-2-yne-1 4-diol, acetone 32%, isopropyl alcohol 99.5%, denatured alcohol, etc.).