EMULSION is a photorealistic rendering studio featuring realtime and non-realtime physically-based technique that can transform brute 3D models (completed or not) into accomplished and compelling photorealistic images, adjusted in real time to create a high added value. It can also easily integrate these projects in real environments from a video source or digital pictures using photorealistic augmented reality.

In brief, its two main characteristics are:
  • To be able to create and edit real-time photographic quality images from imported 3D models.
  • To automatically integrate photorealistic 3D models in real environments (from photo and video) using augmented reality.

Here's a list of several technical features:

  • Supported 3D file formats : 3DStudio (.3DS), Wavefront OBJ (.OBJ), Collada (.DAE), AutoCAD DXF 3D (.DXF), Stanford Polygon Library (.PLY), Stereolithography (.STL), Raw triangles (.RAW).

  • Supported image types, input and output : Jpeg, Targa, PNG, TIFF, Windows Bitmap, HDR, EXR.

  • Parallel architecture with full support for multi-core and hyper-threaded systems.

  • Three powerful rendering modes : CPU-based, GPU-based, hybrid CPU+GPU.

  • Realtime interactive unbiased physically-based global illumination system:
    • Progressive global illumination.
    • « stochastic progressive photon mapping »
    • Image based lighting.
    • Sunlight + skylight for outdoor lighting simulation.

  • Virtual camera system:
    • Full interactive camera control.
    • Interactive focal length.
    • Real-time depth of field and Film sensitivity (linear and non-linear tone mapping).

  • True physics based materials (e.g. Adjustable IOR, Interactive color adjustment, Light-emitting materials, ...)

  • Simple and efficient hierarchical scene tree view.

  • Multiple built-in lighting environments and stage sets for a quick and easy integration of imported models.

Hardware requirements:

Operating System Microsoft Windows 64 bit: XP / Vista / Seven / 8.

Recommanded CPU: Intel Pentium Core i3/Core i5/i7/Xeon, AMD Phenom/Opteron.

RAM: 4 Gbytes minimum.

Graphics card: For efficiency matters, only fast Nvidia and ATI graphics cards are fully supported.


(English subtitles available)

French and English user guide included in the package

- Your graphics card must be OpenCL compliant
- For optimal software operation, users have to ensure that graphics card drivers are up-to-date.

Online help from EMULSION's Graphic User Interface is not available anymore since NeuroSystems' servers are no longer active.