DEUS EX SILICIUM is the very first french-speaking Youtube channel about electronics engineering dedicated to semiconductors and their numerous applications. Designed for engineers, hackers, hobbyists, students, geeks and technology lovers, it's broadcasted fullHD (in french only, but subtitles will come sooner or later) on Youtube and Dailymotion.

Produced by French engineer Stephane Marty, it is about integrated circuits, digital electronics, computers, video games console, robotics, drones & fpv, vintage electronics stuff, measuring instruments, and also algorithms and applied mathematics.

Also, this website hosts Stephane Marty's 3D computer graphics programs such as Substance 3D and Emulsion (for Microsoft Windows) that he developed for NEUROSYSTEMS between 2010 and 2012. And, since NeuroSystems has become an inactive corporation, these programs are now freely available for download from this very website.

Below is a short trailer of what to expect from this channel. Check it out !...